Tired #f Pavement BikeHow Tired #f Pavement Started

Back in May 2018 a customer, had his YZ250 in the shop for repairs. Once the bike was completed and tested, it was set outside the shop door for paperwork finalization. In the 5 minutes that the bike was left unsupervised, someone ran up, pushed his bike into the woods, kickstarted it and took off out of sight.

For 5 days, shop owners, Shelby Dunson and Eve Sorenson, sneak peeked through the surrounding neighborhood (The Local HOOD) until tips led to the recovery of the bike.

Once the bike was returned, the once beautiful YZ had been stripped, spray painted and tagged... Using electrical tape and a black sharpie, our local hood-rat had tagged the bike with the label "Tired #f Pavement." We took one look at the statement and we all realized that as dirt bike racers and off-road enthusiasts, Tired of Pavement is exactly what describes us.

Since the day the bike was recovered, we have shared our story with all our dirt friends and family, and have been overwhelmingly inspired to make T#P a thing of the future for us all.